My First Professional Job in EVOKNOW

It was 16th of june, 2006 when i was got a call from EVOKNOW to seat for an interview. After that i came to EVOKNOW on 18th june for the interview. You know Mr. Ruman, one of the best Programmer EVOKNOW with more than three years of Experience in Programming and Server maintenance, came to take my interview. i was so nervous and i can’t speak clearly. Then he offer me to have a glass of water and i take it and then start taking interview. After a discussion of 50 to 55 minutes, he said, “I am impressed by you and your knowledge of PHP. I have to talk with my management then let you know everything.”

After that i left out for Chittagong. One evening i was in Chawkbazar in chittagong with one of my friends. Suddenly my phone was rang and i receive the call. It was from EVOKNOW and they offering me the job. I was so surprised to get a early chance to such a renowned company specially for PHP/MySQL. I can’t belive my ears.

On 1st of july, 2006, i came EVOKNOW at Gulshan-1 and i joined the company. But the office was about to shift from Gulshan-1 to Banani. So i continue my office at EVOKNOW from 4th of july, 2006.

The main thing that i love EVOKNOW is quality learning and lots of time and opportunity to learn many things. The People of EVOKNOW is too much friendly and the environment is indescribable. I never feel any work pressure in my presence in EVOKNOW. Every time when i fall in trouble i can get help from any one. Every time when we fill bored we listen to music and play Table tennis in our VOIP conference Room. :). Can you believe even our VC of Bangladesh office play with us. So we are working with lots of fun.

One of the main feature of EVOKNOW is the Security. We never code into a local machine. we always work in a server and there are 6 server for development, 1 server for Music & Books Library. The server name are based on Greek God. Such as Hooper, Capitola, Hermes, Tahoe, Reno, Mandacino etc. The music server was open for all. Any one can create his own library of music and share it with others. I always listen music in loud with two speakers. but the authority never make any complain for that. Because we do the best for the company and do our task on time.

The experts of EVOKNOW are very friendly. During my presence in EVOKNOW we developed two framework for our development purpose. One is called Default Project 4.0, which is a non-MVC based and another one is Default Project 5.0 which is MVC based framework. My Team Leader was Shantanu Chakraborty, who got Monbonso Scholarship from Japan. we left for japan on September, 2007. Ruman vai, who is doing job in UNDP. Tani Apu the ever green Team leader and best friend of all. EVOKNOW says, “Tani is the Best team leader in EVOKNOW“. She always treat us something. Every month we got two 2 three party from her and all in EVOKNOW we have more than 6 party as we have 6 Development Team. So you can say its party Software firm. who ever got increment or any benefits he/she must have to treat his/her team. Tell you one story: one person gets a new LCD Monitor with 20 inch, he has to treat more than 12 person from EVOKNOW. But no body ever refuse to Treat.

I know i can’t forget my EVOKNOW days and what i learn from EVOKNOW. It shows me a way to success.

Here is some of my memories:


Bosses of EVOKNOW

Team Leader Room- 01

EVOKNOW Team Leader Room- 01

7 thoughts on “My Days in EVOKNOW

  1. It was a pleasure to read such experience from you..

    Toke khub miss korchi 😉 amar o to evoknow diyei shuru. tai ekta maya to shob shomoi e kaz kore, charte ichcha hoi na 😛
    But you know what? Almost all the listed people (shantanu, junayeed, rony, mridu) are now in abroad.. 😦

    bishal bishal shob scholarship niye desher baire chole geche 😦

  2. this is very ideal to work with U
    U r looking for only scholar people.
    Not the novice one like me..
    OK bye…

  3. Can you please tell me the email address where to send my CV to EVOKNOW. I am a graduating student from NSU, with experience; and I am interested to try my luck at EVOKNOW, can you help.


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