My Time with RBS


Last Friday i have the opportunity to visit one of the on growing Outsourcing firm called RBS(Right Brain Solution). There i meet with Mr. Emran Hasan,who is probably the CEO of the firm. They have a strong dream to come up to the front. We have discuss for while and i am able to know about their plan to upgrade firm. The people in RBS are really technically sound and they have a strong command over latest technologies.

I am very much pleased to visit such a firm and i wish my all the best to RBS.

One thought on “My Time with RBS

  1. Hi,
    Recently me also visit RBS like you. I also think they have a strong dream. After meet with Mr. Emran, i found that he not only an outstanding programmer,also has a good managerial thought. That is very lacking in technical person. As far as i know that RBS is not an Outsourcing firm .

    I am also very pleased to visit RBS. Best of luck for you.

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