SMARTY: Template Engine

First copy the downloaded smarty folder into your project root directory. Then goto that smarty folder, create a php file (ex: smarty.php) & paste these following codes:


/* This is a class defination for accessing smarty. */ require(“C:/apache2triad/htdocs/project/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php”);

class Template extends Smarty {
function Template() {
//setting up smarty template directory
//setting up smarty template directory
//setting up smarty configs directory
//setting up smarty cache directory
// defining application name

Remember i used apache2triad for local testing. If u have different path, pls do change your path according to it. After copy pasting the codes into the php, save it & return to your project root. Include this (smarty.php) file to all of your php’s or u can create a config file for your project to include the smarty class. Now create 4 folders named as:

1. templates (ex: c:/apache2triad/htdocs/project/templates/ )
2. templates_c (ex: c:/apache2triad/htdocs/project/templates_c/ )
3. configs (ex: c:/apache2triad/htdocs/project/configs/ )
4. cache (ex: c:/apache2triad/htdocs/project/cache/ )

Now initiate Smarty object in your php file as

$template = new Template();
//example of assigning php variable to smarty
$template->assign(‘variable’, $var);
//example of displaying the template

Remember to put all of your template files under the project root’s template directory:

(Ex: c:/apache2triad/htdocs/project/templates/index.html)

To Know more about Smarty visit the following link:
Smarty Example

If Anyone need smarty book, just mention here. we will try our best to provide u that.

with regards
Configuration provided by: Yamin Noor (

5 thoughts on “SMARTY: Template Engine

  1. Same here, need a decent book on smarty, i am well confused as some things are working right up to the point of extending smartys setup.

    It took ages to sort out my include path in my php.ini – a search for it showed four different locations of it on my system :-/

    Much obliged though, Tdf.

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